Sunday, January 08, 2006

Congressman Murtha Gets Called Out

I have been WAITING for this moment since Rep. Schmidt related her message from a Marine to the Congress as they were convened, that 'cowards cut and run, but Marines never do.' Anybody and everybody thought it to be taboo to speak ill of Congressman Murtha, because he was a decorated Marine veteran of many wars, but all of us knew it was nothing more than a smear campaign spearheaded by Nancy Pelosi et. al.

Just because you have medals, are a veteran, and served in wars, does NOT mean you're above reproach! Somehow the left seems to believe you can't be criticized, but yet they enjoyed the spotlight of the Dan Rather CBS memo-gate controversy about Bush's alleged military record during Viet Nam.

Michelle Malkin got it today, from a C-SPAN telecast townhall meeting with Reps. Murtha & Moran in Arlington, VA. Sgt. Seavey got his say before the panel, and it is PRICELESS folks! This is one for the records! Hooah for this Sgt.! I challenge ANYBODY to say HE has no right to criticize a fellow Veteran for his questions/statements at this townhall meeting.

Breaking developement: Sgt. Seavey is not the ONLY one to call Murtha & Moran on the carpet! Here is Viet Nam veteran, General Wagner, who also had a few choice words for Murtha and Moran (courtesy of Michelle Malkin, also).

After watching the video of Gen. Wagner, I'm standing up cheering his words! As Neal Boortz would tell it... "Somebody's GOTTA say it!" And Sgt. Steavey & Gen. Wagner did so eloquently. Isn't it fun to watch the "cut-and-run" wimps from the left squirm? I LOVE it!

Also linked @ Michelle Malkin & PoliticalTeen.


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