Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Abort a Child, Be "Born Again?"

Folks, I am only posting as much of this article from the LATimes as I can stomach right now. I'll just add my opinion below in red (which is what I'm seeing right now, and I'm blinded by it!) Warning, this is VERBALLY and VISUALLY graphic and sickening, and everything I say is to be taken as it is presented... angry sarcasm!

Yes, an Arkansas doctor says, he destroys life. But he believes the thousands of women who have relied on him have been 'born again.'

By Stephanie Simon
Times Staff Writer
November 29, 2005

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - Dr. William F. Harrison has forgotten how many children the woman had. He remembers she was poor and, most vividly, he remembers her response when a physician diagnosed her distended stomach as pregnancy."Oh, God, doctor," the woman said. "I was hoping it was cancer." This should have been his first clue this was morally wrong!

This was in 1967. Harrison was a medical student and his wife was expecting their third child. It had never occurred to him that a woman would be anything but happy to learn she was pregnant. The next year, he trained on a maternity ward. In a 24-hour shift, it was not unusual, he said, for four or five women to come in feverish or hemorrhaging from botched abortions. So that justifies his current actions?

Harrison opened an obstetrics and gynecology practice, but after the Supreme Court established abortion as a constitutional right in 1973, he decided to take on an additional specialty. Wow! What a lucrative new business from which he can make more money, now that it's legal! What an entrepreneur! Now 70, Harrison estimates he's terminated at least 20,000 pregnancies. I can't imagine anyone else being SO damned proud! His clinic has not been picketed for years, but Harrison feels very much on the front lines these days. And who puts you in that position, sir?

Debate over President Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court, Samuel A. Alito Jr., has centered on abortion. Activists on both sides warn - or pray - that if Alito is confirmed, the court may one day reverse Roe vs. Wade. We can only pray that it DOES! At least a dozen states, and perhaps as many as 30, would probably continue to allow most abortions. But abortion rights activists predict that terminating a pregnancy would become a criminal act across much of the South, the Midwest and the Rocky Mountain region. Again.. the problem with criminalization of this is????

In Arkansas, for instance, the state constitution sets out "to protect the life of every unborn child from conception until birth." You gotta be kidding me? In Slick Willie Country? At least 10 other states - including Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Utah - have similar language in their constitutions or legal codes.

Harrison warns every patient he sees that abortion may be illegal one day. So what, you want to speed up their decisions and make your money while you can? He wants to stir them to activism, but most women respond mildly. "I can't imagine the country coming to that," says Kim, 35, in for her second abortion in two years. Second??? Whaaaa???? Must be a satisfied, repeat customer! Frequent fetus miles???

A high school senior says the issue won't weigh heavily when she evaluates candidates. "There's other issues I see as more important," she says, "like whether they'll raise taxes. "Patients asked to be identified only by their first names or, in some cases, by their ages to protect their privacy. What about the baby's right to live?

Harrison is beyond such concerns. Well, isn't this obvious?

For several years in the 1980s, his clinic was picketed, vandalized and once firebombed. I DO NOT condone the firebombing, but picketing and protests, YES! Protesters marched outside his home and death threats became routine. Well, he DEALT out death on a daily basis! Harrison responded by making his case.

He answered every phone call, replied to every letter in the newspaper and appeared at public forums to defend abortion rights. Eventually, the protesters in this college town left him alone. (Arkansas Right to Life focuses instead on educating women about alternatives to abortion, Executive Director Rose Mimms said.)

In the years since, Harrison has become more outspoken. He calls himself an "abortionist" and says, "I am destroying life."But he also feels he's giving life: He calls his patients "born again." What?? What kind of insane lunacy is this? "Born again?" What about "Never born in the first place" for the babies, you friggin homicidal maniac!

"When you end what the woman considers a disastrous pregnancy, she has literally been given her life back," he says. AAGGGHHH!!!! SOMEONE GIVE ME A TRANQUILIZER BEFORE I LOSE CONSCIOUSNESS!

Before giving up obstetrics in 1991, Harrison delivered 6,000 babies. Childbirth, he says, should be joyous; a woman should never consider it a punishment or an obligation. "Punishment?" "Obligation?" How about trying to keep your legs closed, learn some moral and ethical values from your parents or SOMEBODY, for crying out loud!!!! "We try to make sure she doesn't ever feel guilty," he says, "for what she feels she has to do." And who says she "has" to do it? Your doctor's fees?

It is a few minutes before 11 a.m. when Harrison raps on the door of his operating room and walks in. His Fayetteville Women's Clinic occupies a once-elegant home dating to the 1940s; the first-floor surgery looks like it was a parlor. Thick blue curtains block the windows and paintings of butterflies and flowers hang on the walls. The radio is tuned to an easy-listening station.

An 18-year-old with braces on her teeth is on the operating table, her head on a plaid pillow, her feet up in stirrups, her arms strapped down at her sides. A pink blanket is draped over her stomach. She's 13 weeks pregnant, at the very end of the first trimester.

She hasn't told her parents.

A nurse has already given her a local anesthetic, Valium and a drug to dilate her cervix; Harrison prepares to inject Versed, a sedative, in her intravenous line. The drug will wipe out her memory of everything that happens during the 20 minutes she's in the operating room. The hell it will! It's so effective that patients who return for a follow-up exam often don't recognize Harrison. I'd be embarassed to say I recognized this monster myself, much less go back for a second visit!

The doctor is wearing a black turtleneck, brown slacks and tennis shoes. He should be wearing a black hooded robe, carrying a sicle! He snaps his gum as he checks the monitors displaying the patient's pulse rate and oxygen count. "This is not going to be nearly as hard as you anticipate," he tells her. That's easy for you to say, jackass! She smiles wanly.

Keeping up a constant patter - he asks about her brothers, her future birth control plans, whether she's good at tongue twisters Maybe good "tongue twisters" is what her got into this situation in the FIRST place! - Harrison pulls on sterile gloves."How're you doing up there?" he asks. "Doing OK"

"Good girl." Sounds like a pedophile to me!

"Harrison glances at an ultrasound screen frozen with an image of the fetus taken moments before. Against the fuzzy black-and-white screen, he sees the curve of a head, the bend of an elbow, the ball of a fist. "You may feel some cramping while we suction everything out," Harrison tells the patient. Okay, how does this man sleep at night? Much less the 'reporter' who could actually report this bullshi*!

A moment later, he says: "You're going to hear a sucking sound. "The abortion takes two minutes. The patient lies still and quiet, her eyes closed, a few tears rolling down her cheeks. The friend who has accompanied her stands at her side, mutely stroking her arm. When he's done, Harrison performs another ultrasound. The screen this time is blank but for the contours of the uterus. "We've gotten everything out of there," he says. My God, you are a sick man, and I'm not sure you can even BE forgiven for the casual way in which you consider these things.

As the nurse drops the instruments in the sink with a clatter, the teenager looks around, woozy. "It was a lot easier than I thought it would be," she says. That's the whole problem with the practice.... too easy. Not like making wise decisions. "I thought it would be horrible, but it wasn't. The procedure, that is."She is not yet sure, she says, how she is doing emotionally. She feels guilty, sad and relieved, all in a jumble. And will hopefully continue to feel that way for a long time to come.

"There's things wrong with abortion," she says. "But I want to have a good life. Well, what the hell were you thinking when you laid down with that boy and gave him what is sacrosanct for a woman? And provide a good life for my child." To keep this baby now, she says, when she's single, broke and about to start college, "would be unfair." UNFAIR? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GIVE THE 'UNFAIR' ARGUMENT??? AGGHHHH!!! ~ going insane at this point ~

Politicians on both sides of the abortion debate often talk up adoption as a better alternative. Harrison's patients do not consider it an option. Why not? Because it's not offered as an option probably.

A high school volleyball player says she doesn't want to give up her body for nine months. "I realize just from the first three months how it changes everything," she says. Folks, as a civilization, we are doomed if this is the product of the modern American family. ~BP rising~

Kim, a single mother of three, says she couldn't bear to give away a child and have to wonder every day if he were loved. Ending the pregnancy seemed easier, she says - as long as she doesn't let herself think about "what could have been." Hmmm.. yes, that's it... don't think about what you've done. Just think about yourself and how YOU can just throw away your "mistakes." Yeah, that's being grown-up and responsible!

By law, Harrison's staff must offer patients two pamphlets from the state. One lists adoption services and groups that provide free diapers, day-care subsidies and other aid. The second contains photos of the fetus at various stages of development. Patients don't have to accept either pamphlet. Most wave them away, their minds made up. Oh, says who?

For the few women who arrive ambivalent or beset by guilt, Harrison's nurse has posted statistics on the exam-room mirror: One out of every four pregnant women in the U.S. chooses abortion. A third of all women in this country will have at least one abortion by the time they're 45. "You think there's room in hell for all those women?" the nurse will ask. Um, yes.... Hell is rather roomy, I believe.

If the woman remains troubled, the nurse tells her to go home and think it over. "If they truly feel they're killing a baby, well, what else are they doing? Playing Twister? we're not going to do an abortion for them," says the nurse, who asked not to be identified for fear protesters would target her. And probably for fear her friends & family would disown her!

The 17-year-old in for a consultation this morning assures the nurse that she does not consider the embryo inside her a baby. "Not until it's developed," she says. "That would be about three months?"

"It's completely formed about nine weeks," the nurse tells her. "Yours is more like a chicken yolk." WHAT THE F&*k???????????? A DAMN CHICKEN YOLK? The girl, who is five weeks pregnant, looks relieved. "Then no," she says, "it's not a baby." !#$!%%!#$#$^^ Her mother sits in the corner wiping her tears. Then why doesn't she get up and march her daughter out of there???? She is NO MOTHER herself!

Harrison draws his own moral line at the end of the second trimester, or 26 weeks since the first day of the woman's last menstrual period. Oh, how ethical of him. Until that point, he will abort for any reason. Wait, I retract my last "ethical" comment about you. "It's not a baby to me until the mother tells me it's a baby," he says. Oh, and a 13-year-old can tell you when her fetus is a baby?

Amanda, a 20-year-old administrative assistant, says it's not the obstacles that surprise her - it's how normal and unashamed she feels as she prepares to end her first pregnancy. This is truly very sad....

"It's an everyday occurrence," she says as she waits for her 2:30 p.m. abortion. "It's not like this is a rare thing." Amanda hasn't told her ex-boyfriend that she's 15 weeks pregnant with his child. She hasn't told her parents, either, though she lives with them.

"I figured it was my responsibility," she says. She regrets having to pay $750 for the abortion, Somebody better bring me some BP medicine, I'm about to stroke out!!! but Amanda says she does not doubt her decision. "It's not like it's illegal. Oh, so that makes it okay? It's not like I'm doing anything wrong," she says.

"I've been praying a lot and that's been a real source of strength for me. Honey, if you've been praying to God, you've been praying to the WRONG God. I really believe God has a plan for us all. Yes, but I think another entity much further south has a plan for you, too! I have a choice, and that's part of my plan."

Before, after and even during an abortion, Harrison lectures his patients on birth control. Oh, how humanitarian of him! He urges them to get on the pill and to insist their partners use condoms. They promise. But Harrison knows many will be back. Of course! He probably really "sternly" lectures them, seeing that next $750 fee he can get, and the next person he can make "born again" for the 5th, 6th & 7th times... yeah, right!

His first patient of the day, Sarah, 23, says it never occurred to her to use birth control, though she has been sexually active for six years. When she became pregnant this fall, Sarah, who works in real estate, was in the midst of planning her wedding. "I don't think my dress would have fit with a baby in there," she says. Well, I'll be a sonofabitch... wouldn't that just suck if you spent all of your Macy's credit on a dress, and now it won't fit? Darn the luck! Not to mention, your dress probably won't be white!

The last patient of the day, a 32-year-old college student named Stephanie, has had four abortions in the last 12 years. She keeps forgetting to take her birth control pills. Abortion "is a bummer," she says, "but no big stress." Guys.. it's time to call 911... I'm having an aneurysm... "forgetting" to take her BC pill? pregnancy is a "bummer?" "No big stress?" Gee, honey, I wonder how your baby felt as it was SUCKED out of your uterus and disappeared from the ultrasound image!

Harrison does not get frustrated with such patients. He has learned to focus on the facts he considers most important: This woman does not want to be pregnant. He can give her back control of her life and keep a child from coming into the world unwanted. He believes in this so strongly, he waives his fees for women who can't come up with the money. %$$^$%#*$&*$$%^!$%^

Last February, Harrison injured his head in a fall. I'm really hurt over this. I feel so sad for his injuries... He underwent three surgeries and spent months in rehabilitation. Obviously didn't work. His wife urged him to retire. Smart lady! "There's no one to take my place," he told her.

As soon as he felt strong enough, Harrison was back in surgery. He'll keep at it as long as his stamina holds, or as long as it is legal. Three abortions before lunch and three more after: The appointment book is always full. Oh, what a proud man you must be... that's $2,250 for you for the day! Not too bad for an evil day's work.

Sir, you are one evil sonofabitch... I found your picture on the internet, and posted it here (right). Closely resembles what I've read about your beliefs and who you truly are inside (and it sounds like YOUR "inside" has also been "sucked out."...) Not even Father Merrin can save you now.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dems are Losers Once Again

403 to 3... That's the

I just finished watching 3 hours of C-SPAN; something I think the average 42-year-old single woman would be ashamed of admitting on a Friday night. However
tonight was an especially important night. Rep. Murtha (D - PA), and yes, he's a decorated veteran, proposed that we pull out IMMEDIATELY from Iraq... he is/was calling for immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq. So, the Republicans called them on their bluff of this proposition.

Rep. Murtha was saying that immediate withdrawal from Iraq was what was needed, but the Republicans knew that was not true. Paying appropriate homage to Murtha's service in Viet Nam, the Republicans forced the vote for a "yay or nay" on the proposition. They Democraps tried so hard to stop that, but they were unsuccessful.

In essence, the Democraps didn't want this vote for a vote to pass. They wanted this idea to float around for a while, incite their base to to agree with them, but the Republicans knew their game. They asked for and got an immediate vote TO vote on this resolution. In the end, after 2+ hours of posturing and conjecture at the podiums, the Republicans got their way and the Dems lost.

Neal Boortz also weighed in on this today:

Democrat Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania took to the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday to call for aniimmediate pullout of American troops from Iraq. I'm told that Muslims don't drink. Perhaps so, but I'm betting that they were more than willing to throw down a cool one when this Democrat stood up in the U.S. Capitol to plead their case. Murtha was actually calling for the very thing that these Islamic radicals have been trying to accomplish with their campaign of terror against Iraqi citizens and coalition troops.

Somewhere in Iraq yesterday the word of Murtha's cut-and-run strategy reached the home of an Iraqi who had, up to now anyway, been supporting the new freely-elected government of Iraq. As soon as he heard this American lawmaker talk about an immediate pullout this Iraqi started rethinking his options. Perhaps, he thought, it might be better to show some support and allegiance to the insurgency. After all, if the Americans suddenly leave the insurgency will have control of the Iraqi government in no time at all. It would be better to be alive under the insurgency than to die for supporting the new Iraqi government.

Elsewhere in Iraq an American serviceman from Pennsylvania couldn't believe what he had heard. He has seen first-hand the successes of the American armed forces in Iraq. He has personally felt the warmth of the Iraqi people who have shown their appreciation for the efforts of the Americans and their coalition partners. He has seen Iraqis with running water who have never had running water before, Iraqi children going to schools that didn't exist under Saddam. He knows what has been accomplished, and now he hears about this Democrat calling for him and his fellow soldiers to leave --- not when the job is finished, but right now.

And .... somewhere in Iraq, and in Syria, and in Iran, and in Jordan, and in Saudi Arabia, Murtha's words reached the ears of the Islamic terrorists themselves. Last week Democrats were calling for a timetable. This week they have Democrats calling for an immediate withdrawal. They view this as nothing short than an immense victory. They know what they must now do. They must step up the campaign.

Strap bombs on more suicide bombers, plant more roadside devices. They have their hated non-believer enemy on the run. Today there's one member of congress calling for an immediate surrender. Kill a few more Americans and tomorrow maybe there will be two. Murder a Mosque full of Iraqis and more will turn against their new government.

Kill a few school teachers and school children and more Iraqi children will shun the schools newly built by Americans. The infidels are collapsing. They're growing weak. Their resolve is dissolving. Keep up the pressure --- step up the pressure --- and soon Iraq will be theirs! Not only will Iraq be theirs, but the Arab people will once again have a stark reminder that the Americans cannot be trusted to keep their word, to carry out their goals. Once again the Americans will have left tens of thousands of Iraqis to die at the hands of the Islamic terrorists.
Why didn't Murtha take this one step further? Why didn't he ask for us to restore Saddam's presidential palaces and put him back in power before we run?

Tell me. Is Murtha a French name?

The resolution? Final vote for a "no" to immediate complete withdrawal of troops from Iraq was 403-3. Murtha's original suggestion for such was top-news on Al-Jazeera and all of the alphabet soup networks here, so I'm wondering if this quick rebuke of the same proposition will be justly broadcast? Doubt it ... remember, if it's good for Bush, it's not "news."

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Our Internet is Once Again in GRAVE Danger!

Folks, I've said this in a previous post, and Neal Boortz was talking about it again yesterday, but I'm going to say it one more time. In light of today's latest news in the UK Independent Online, we are truly in danger of losing control over the Internet!
From Neal's Nuze yesterday:

Sunday afternoon there was a little tease headline on Drudge. The headline said something to the effect that the United Nations was determined to gain control of the Internet followed by the word "developing" This morning I went right back to Drudge to see what he found. The headline was gone. The headline may be gone, but the threat remains. There's another story out there today that should run side-by-side with the "UN Control of the Internet" story. An AFP story today leads "Dark days are ahead for American newspapers, as sales tumble, a warp-speed news culture leaves lumbering dailies behind and scandals over flawed reporting taint heavyweight titles."

The story goes on to say that U.S. newspapers are battling an explosion in online information. That would be the Internet. So ... combine the two stories and what do you have? You have the United Nations, an organization that is not now and has never been friendly to the United States, working diligently to gain control of the system that more and more Americans are relying on for their daily news. If you don't see an extreme danger in this you are either brain dead or a Democrat.

Now, from the UK Independent online today, further evidence is provided:

Over the next three days a United Nations summit, in the unlikely setting of Tunisia, will attempt to thrash out the future of the internet.

More than 40 world leaders, including Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general, are set to attend, and the ownership of the World Wide Web itself is at stake. What the delegates won't discuss is the creeping spectre of censorship.

What began as a military research project at the Pentagon has exploded into the most powerful network in the world and an entity upon which the global economy increasingly relies. Its future character is now in question.

At present, the closest the internet has to a governing body is an obscure American, non-profit corporation called Icann. This quasi-independent body has, for years, quietly regulated domain names and allocated addresses. But its lease is nearly up. And the world's rich and powerful will join battle for control of what they see as a gold mine.

The Bush administration wants Icann turned into a private corporation, on US soil and subject to US controls. Much of the rest of the world objects to that but the loudest opponents are countries with a history of censorship and repression, such as China and Iran. The likely balance of power in that struggle rests with the European Union, whose position is not clear.

Is this not clear to you all where this is heading? Kofi can't even manage the Oil For Food Program... what the hell do you expect either the UN or the EU to do to our Internet? We can kiss our "free speech" goodbye! And we can most ASSUREDLY kiss our Conservative blogging asses goodbye if this ever comes to fruition!
People, if we don't stop resting on our laurels and start fighting, we are going to wind up living in a fascist, socialist state run by Islamic Radicals.
Today Drudge even has MORE links... here, here, and here.
PoliticalTeen & StoptheACLU have it also.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

World Politics and Appeasement - Dave's View

events in France, the rest of Europe in general, and today's bombings of hotels (see photo right) in Amman, Jordan indicate the folly of appeasement with terrorists.

The youthful, deprived, low income, desperate juveniles in France are not rioting for equality, they are rioting because they are Muslims and their Imams have been preaching 'Holy War' to them all of their lives. They flat out hate all Westerners, in fact they hate anyone that is not a Muslim. Great religion that.

To make matters even worse, Christianity is practically non-existent in what was once a staunchly Catholic country. So secularism rules, just as it does here in many parts of the U.S.

Of course the price of that secularism is a vacuum which the Muslims are attempting to fill at any cost.

Now, socialist France is ripe for this kind of activity. It has nothing to do with class warfare or lack of jobs. Any of these 'utes' would have been far worse off in their ethnic country of origin, but don't look for that in the news.

The media can't even bring itself to call them Muslim terrorists, which make the news media about as much of a eunuch as the sorry leaders of France.

The liberals of the United States are intellectually bereft of knowing how to deal with terrorists and the crises they are causing throughout the world on an almost daily basis now.

Why must we relive 1938 all over again just so that we can relearn the lessons taught to us by Neville Chamberlin? This is one of those "You can pay me now . . . or you can pay me later" kind of things, and if we wait to pay later, the price will be that much more dear.

Contributed by guest writer,
David S. Wagner
Col (USAR ret.)
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California Election Results - View from a Californian

It is Wednesday morning here in the lovely state of California, and I awaked to find that 'We have met the enemy, and he is us,' to quote Pogo, that wonderful possum from the Okefenokee that Walt Kelley used in his comic strip. If you don't remember Walt Kelley & Pogo, you have really missed a lot in life.

A short time ago, Californians went to the polls in a special recall election to oust our former governor, Gray Davis. Ahnold was elected by a large majority and went to work to correct many of the things that are wrong. The first thing that he did was to reverse the new State tax that would have tripled auto registration. Then he vetoed the Legislature's attempt to give California State drivers licenses to illegal aliens . . . ! ! ! At this time the State of California is virtually bankrupt, and our credit rating for borrowing money is the lowest of all of the 50 states.

When the governator was stonewalled by the Democratically controlled Legislature, he went to the people, and ordered a special election for a number of propositions that he felt were needed. They were all 'no brainers,' and easy to understand, at least they were until the libs got a hold of them.

They, (the opposition) began by telling us that this special election would cost some $80 million dollars (which it didn't) and then promptly began a campaign against all of the measures, that cost easily twice that much. We were deluged on radio, TV and in the print media by ads against all of the propositions. Why? Because it would begin to bring an end to great power and mismanagement in our government.

One of the propositions was to increase the length of time that California teachers would have to wait for 'tenure' from 2 years to 5 years. Why would teachers, or anyone outside of the United Stated Supreme Court need tenure anyway? If you don't do your job well, you get a warning, and if you don't improve you get terminated. Is that difficult to understand?

Who was/is against this? The California Teacher's Union for one. To hear their public opposition to this proposition, you would have to believe that the Governor's proposal would have stripped school lunches away from the little tykes, and done other irreparable harm. They screamed about cutting back monies for our schools . . . which, in typical Democratic manner, was a baldfaced lie. What the governor proposed, along with many other areas of California government, was to cutback the amount of the INCREASE . . . get that, the INCREASE in funding, over the prior year! To Democrats, that is a cutback, no matter that it actually is an . . . what is it now, boys and girls? . . . an INCREASE !

The public employees unions in California have gotten drunk with power, and use it constantly at the State Capitol to get what they want. It's all about power and control, most of it behind the scenes. Employees are practically coerced into joining these unions, and a portion of their dues goes to support liberal candidates that the Union leaders which to support. Talk about taxation without representation !

You don't actually have to join the union, but they make it so difficult, that few opt out. The same with the payroll deductions to support political candidates . . . you CAN opt out, but the blizzard of paperwork is against you, and you are immediately set up as a 'trouble maker.'

As an aside here, I have a very good friend whose wife WAS a teacher. Her District nominated her for Outstanding Teacher of the Year. When it was discovered that she was not a union member her nomination was withdrawn, unless that is . . . she decided to join the union. Is this a great country or what? Do you think she wasn't an outstanding teacher after all?

Another of the propositions would permit California Schools to drive YOUR 12-17 year old daughter to the nearest Planned Parenthood (read Abortion) Clinic, where she would be given the option of having an abortion to terminate her pregnancy. Hold on now . . . and all of this WITHOUT parental notification ! ! ! Yes, you read that right, the parents would never know unless their daughter chose to tell them.

Now these are the same schools where it is ILLEGAL to give a child so much as an aspirin, without parental notification AND permission. But, they can have a serious surgical procedure, and end a life. (yes, that's what I said ... I'm one of those that believe life begins at the moment of conception . . . prove me wrong). Go figure!

The extremely disturbing thing about all of this is that we maybe, I said MAYBE, had a 42% turn out to vote yesterday! That means that 58% of the registered voters of the State of California didn't give a rat's ass about voting.

My wife and I went into the polling place yesterday morning and voted in about 45 seconds. We had our ballots marked already, we had studied the propositions, there were no surprises. Think that is what the average voter does? Hardly. Most people are seeing the things on which they are voting for the very first time when they get into the voting booth.

These things are written in such a way that a person with a MA or even a PhD would have difficulty understanding them, much less John Q. Public.

Yesterday also, the city and county of San Francisco (they are one and the same, geographically) tried to outlaw ownership and sale of all firearms within the city and county. This would make it the toughest anti-gun law in the nation, outdoing even New York and Washington, DC. Of course few cared that it was totally illegal . . . a violation of the Second Amendment, and federal law takes precedence over state, county and city laws.

A couple of days ago O'Reilly had Angela Alioto on his program. Angela Alioto is the well-to-do daughter of former Democratic Mayor of San Francisco, Joseph Alioto, and she is adamantly opposed to any one having any type of firearm. When O'Reilly tried to point out to her what happened in New Orleans, when gangs of armed people looted, mugged and attacked . . . her reply was that the police would protect her. . . . . Now in event of a disaster, and an earthquake IS coming to San Francisco, it's only a matter of when . . . the police not only will have their hands more than full, they physically may not be able to reach her home, even if they had the manpower. Her answer to that was that criminals shouldn't have guns! ARRGH ! How can you get through to people who can't think any better than this?

I know this is long, and I know that practically none of you live in California, but you should care, because California is a bellwether for the nation. How many things do you have now, where you live, because they began here on the Left Coast? Be warned!

Contributed by guest writer,
David S. Wagner
Col (USAR ret.)
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Bloggus Interruptus

Just wanted to take a minute to let you all know that I'm down but not out. I'm in between PCs right now (old one crashed), waiting on a new one. The one I'm using is a loaner, so I'm hesitant to save much on it.
Sorry I haven't been posting, but it's been a long, haranguing period for me, too. I'll be back and post with a vengeance when I get my new PC installed!
In the immortal words of Ah-nold,
"I'll be back!"
Ms. Underestimated